BOBO Claw-Grip Aluminium Bike Phone Holder (with 2.5A USB charger) Motorcycle Mobile Mount

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Features: BOBO CLAW-GRIP SECURITY:If you are looking for a compact yet secure bike mount for your mobile phone, this is what you should get. Claw-Grip expands to fit a wide range of phones from 4.0 – 6.5 inch screen, while keeping all of your buttons and ports accessible. ALWAYS CONNECTED:With this product you will never get lost on the road and you don’t need to worry about running out of battery on the go. The 5V-2.5A output can charge your mobile really fast. ALWAYS SECURED:The clean and clever jaw-grip design sports great holding power without hiding your smartphone behind foam pads and silicon bands. The jaws expand and contract just by rotating a knob on the side and you can tighten the knob till you get the satisfaction that your expensive smartphone is tightly secured in the mount. It will also ensure you trust the product and believe that your phone will never come off, even on the bumpiest of the roads. ALL TOOLS & SPARE PARTS INCLUDED – Along with the main unit and a 1.5 m long wire, provided: 1) REARVIEW MIRROR MOUNT – Provided especially for SCOOTERS2) METAL BUCKLE & SPACERS – We support 3 common sizes of handlebar diameter i.e. 22, 25, and 32 mm3) HEX KEY – This is very useful to tighten / loosen the buckle4) SPARE FUSE & TIES – The wire already contain 1 fuse and provided 1 spare fuse in the box along with 2 plastic ties to secure the wire while connecting it to the battery. Warranty:06 Months against manufacturing defects from date of purchase,  taken care by BOBO GEARS ( Support – ) #TeamMotoCentral



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