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BACK PROTECTOR: THE ESSENCE OF PROTECTION Dainese invented the back protector in 1979. It has since become an essential item for riders, first among the world championship riders and then among all two-wheeled enthusiasts across the world, accompanying them on their every adventure. The back protector is the essence of motorcycle protection.Selecting the back protector to best suits your needs is fundamental in order to feel free and confident to fully enjoy every turn, in any conditions. This is why we help you to understand which technology is best for you.     LOAD DISSIPATION The capacity to disperse the energy from an impact is the main characteristic of a protector. The force absorbed is not transmitted to the body of the rider. BREATHABILITY The level of ventilation of a back protector determines its comfort and, consequently, a rider s confidence, particularly on the hottest of days LIGHTNESS A lightweight protector can be more comfortably worn and over a longer period of time, without affecting your riding or movement in the saddle FIT & INTEGRATION Fit and integration with the jacket or leathers are essential characteristics in order to allow as much freedom of movement as possible. AREA COVERAGE A large back protector coverage area means greater protection. It is essential to choose the right balance between coverage and freedom of movement. Dainese Pro Speed Back Protector The Pro Speed Back Protector is Dainese s premier track-level back protector. At the core of this harness-style unit is an aluminum honeycomb layer – a weight-saving technology that efficiently absorbs and dissipates impact forces while leaving 28% of the unit s surface open for airflow. Unlike molecular foam alternatives, the Pro Speed Back Protector performs consistently in all temperature ranges and maintains higher torsional rigidity. The contoured shape is extended for better coverage of the lower spine and tailbone. Removable shoulder and waist straps keep the unit secure when paired with any make or model race suit.   Features:  Honeycomb internal aluminum structure Better performance in wider temperature ranges than molecular foam back protectors Adjustable and removable braces and waistband Engineered waist profile Back protector certified to CE Level 2 – EN 1621.2 28% of surface is ventilated Sizing:  Select “TYPE” based on overall rider height: Type Short: < 65″ (165cm) Type Medium: 66″ – 71″ (170-180cm) Type Tall: > 72″ (185cm) Select “SIZE” based on Waist circumference: Size XS-MD: Waist circumference < 39″ (100cm) Size LG-2XL: Waist circumference > 39″ (100cm) Pro Speed Sizing Chart: The below is for guidance only based on your overall height and does not ensure the perfect fit for protection PRODUCT RIDER HEIGHT (in cms) PRO SPEED BACK SHORT <165 PRO SPEED BACK MEDIUM 170-180 PRO SPEED BACK LONG >180 SIZE WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE (in cms) S/M <100 L/2XL >100 Note:Actual product may vary in look & finish as per discretion from DAINESE For additional details:Refer to our size guide to record precise measurements. #TeamMotoCentral







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