KROON Engine Flush Oil 1 Litre

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Flushing Oil is an effective single-grade, high quality flushing oil. The advantageous choice of viscosity, premium solvent-refined base oils and specially detergent and dispersion additives make Flushing Oil extremely effective. Thanks to the perfect formulation of these substances, the product provides the following properties: High dispersion and detergency Can also be used effectively used at low temperatures High resistance to wear, corrosion and foaming Significant resistance to oxidation Can be easily and effectively mixed with both multigrade mineral and (fully) synthetic motor oils. Has completely no effect on (old) gaskets and seals: no risk of leakage Good moisture absorber and neutralizer Application Flushing Oil is a flushing oil for petrol and diesel engines. It works effectively in the switch from a lower quality to improved quality product. It is also highly suitable if the motor oil contains a lot of condensed water, coolants, fuel dilution and/or white sludge.Instructions for use: Allow the engine to idle for 20-30 minutes (preferably when engine is warm) Then drain off, replace the oil filter and fill the engine with Kroon-Oil (fully) synthetic motor oil.  Product specifications: API SF/CC #TeamMotoCentral


1 ltr

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