POLYTRON EP-2 Lithium Complex Grease 16kg Bucket

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Polytron EP-2 Lithium Complex GreaseAn excellent and next-gen greasing product for heavy equipment, gears, slides, steel ropes, and machines. Polytron EP-2 reduces wear and tear by up to 90%. Made using lithium complex soap and base oils, the lubricant works on an advanced anti-wear friction reducing formula. EP-2 protects metal surfaces from rust, water, etc. to extend the life of the automotive and industrial equipment.Best for medium load, medium speed operations, EP-2 reduces bearing contamination and eliminates the need for frequent maintenance. At the same time, protecting equipment from wear and tear due to friction, it reduces downtime by up to 400-700%.EP-2 Lithium Grease Key Benefits Reduces normal wear and tear due to friction by up to 95% Protect equipment from contamination Ideal for high temperature* and pressure operations* Cools down components and reduces noise Improves, performance and power by lowering down friction Protects parts from corrosion and provides water-resistant properties Promotes longer life and reduced energy consumption EP-2 Lithium Grease Applications Rock quarry equipment (jaw crushers) Truck fleets Track roller bearings on all “tracked” type Tractors like Caterpillar and Navistar. Rotary drill collar threads and drill pipe threads. Fifth wheels, king pins, wheel bearings, steering system Provides quicker starting in cold weather Bearings, and all chassis points including ball joints and universal joints, journal bearings and low and moderate speed anti-friction bearings in construction equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, loaders and shovels. Contact surfaces, such as: roller chains, trunnions, gear, cables, sheaves, slides, chassis bearings, conveyor bearings, sliding and rubbing surfaces, kiln car bearings, heavy loaded pivot pins, splinted shafts, or other surfaces subjected to sliding, vibration, or oscillation where fretting is encountered More specific applications of EP-2 Lithium Grease include Steering drag links transmission cross shaft spring pins Shackle pins Brake cam shafts Fifth wheel faceplates and pivots operating under wide range of temperatures Water pumps operating in water, mud or dusty conditions. Life pack lubricant of automotive generators, alternators, and starters to protect against effects of moisture and road splash Bearings on air-conditioning units in buildings Unsealed electric motor bearings operating under moist conditions Applications, where silent operations are called for Antifriction bearings operating at high speeds and/or severe conditions, including moisture, temperature, and contaminations.


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