SHIRO SH-821 Converse Gloss Orange Helmet

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With a prominent spoiler on the back and a visor ready for a Pinlock®30 anti-fog lens insert, the Shiro SH-821 full face helmet is a show stopper. Hard to miss on the road, the SH-821 is very comfortable to wear on the daily commute, the adventure of a lifetime, or anything else in between. The CONVERSE graphic of the Shiro SH-821 helmet makes use of big, broad shapes in a high visibility colour, against a black background, to give you a helmet that will help to keep you visible low visibility situations. CERTIFICATION ECE (R22.05) and DOT (FMVSS No. 218) certified Weight: 1400 Gm (±50Gm) SHELL Outer Shell: Made from high pressure ABS technology. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a type of lightweight thermoplastic, is known for its high strength and impact resistance. Internal Liner and Jaw Protector: Made from multi-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). EPS foam is known for its light weight, strength, durability, thermal insulation and shock absorption. Visor: Polycarbonate visor with twist-to-release mechanism Two EPS Shell Sizes for the Perfect Fit: 2 (S – M – L) and (XL – 2XL) Sizes Available: 5 (S – M – L – XL – 2XL) VISOR (FACE SHIELD) Visor Ready for Pinlock 30 Anti-Fog Insert: Pinlock is well known worldwide for its patented anti-fog technology. The Pinlock 30 insert, designed to be a universal fog resistant solution for helmets, offers efficient clear vision while riding.Note: Lens sold separately Visor: Two-stop visor, made from optically correct polycarbonate material for perfect unhindered vision. Hard Coated Surface: Hard Coated visor surface with UV treatment for increased scratch resistance Release Mechanism: Quick twist-and-release mechanism. No tools required. Visor Seal: 360° rubber gasket installed between the visor and the shell provides a perfect seal, shutting out water or dust and making the helmet considerably quieter.  VENTILATION 9 Vents: 5 intake vents and 4 exhaust ports offer modular ventilation on demand Matching Ventilation Channels: Ventilation channels in the EPS liner matching the intake and exhaust ports offer maximum ventilation COMFORT LINER Materials: Polyester and knit mesh cushioned comfort liner Wash & Care: Removable and washable. Anti-microbial treated. Sweat Wicking: Absorbent material wicks sweat from the face and keeps your head dry CHIN STRAP RETENTION Micro Metric Lock: Micro metric adjustable quick release chin strap retention system Materials: Made from nylon straps with comfort padding OTHER FEATURES 5 Years Warranty: Warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship to the end consumer for a period of 60 months (5 years) from the date of sale (Read full T&C) 360° Gasket: 360° hard-wearing rubber gasket around the periphery of helmet entry Removable Chin Curtain: For additional wind protection Removable Wind Deflector: Reduces wind draft over the nose Safe Storage: Soft helmet storage bag included #TeamMotoCentral Size Chart:The fit of the helmet is very important to ensure proper protection. Before selecting your size, we suggest you take a tape measure and measure your head size.Don t leave it to chance! Consult the SHIRO size chart given below for your size! Size cms S 54-55 M 56-57 L 58-59 XL 60 2XL 61  Refer to our size guide to record precise measurements.


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